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08/30/2003 Entry: "A good day, laziness and spending. Long live Kazaa lite."


Hopefully this will be the last post made in this shite ZZzzzZZZzz version, a few things to do and we’ll be ready to go with the new look, what I’ve lovingly called “Fuck everyone with shit browser and slow modems version”.

At last I managed to get Kazaa Lite (many thanks to Keith, where’s my porn cd’s!), sweet sweet free music, yeah I know it’s wrong but not for me ok. I guess it’s about how you use it, I downloaded a few track and liking what I heard grabbed my credit card and wandered over to resurrectionmusic (damn fine place to buy). Some VNV nation and Apoptygma Berzerk CD’s are heading my way.

New site up and running... Except the archives, avoid them like the plague.

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