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07/03/2004 Entry: "Must... stop...writing...poetry."


I think cabin fever is setting in once more, as I broke my cardinal rule about never writing piss poor poetry, don’t worry no one will ever see them (just my personal belief about no one truly understanding another’s poetry so there’s no point inflicting it upon the world).
So far there’s four completes pieces and several of my own quotes on paper. With such titles as “numbness”, “pyromania” and “Isolation” you may get the wrong impression Wayne isn’t a happy chap… Just couldn’t bring myself to write the “happy happy joy joy” sonnet (hey I have an image to protect).

But the reason I started this in the first place (other than the insane amount of alcohol consumed) was to improve my penmanship, seems with years of pc/spell checker use I’m at the standard of a retarded chimp on crack. So I picked up a fountain pen and get old school.

But now I can’t freakin’ sleep, it’s getting to be obsessive… I have post it notes of some seriously morbid verse all over my room… I think my inner Goth has finally emerged …help, what’s next?

Must… resist… crimping…hair… urge… to… mope… growing


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