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09/07/2004 Entry: "I am the panda man!"


I look like a freaking panda; the whole family went to the town park show today... Well it was too damn hot to stay in. Of course yours truly decided to tie he's hair back and wear shades. So now after a little nap I woke to discover the horror (going to make for an interesting few days).

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Posted by Big Dick Sex @ 08/30/2005 02:29 AM GMT


Posted by Buy Propecia @ 06/24/2005 08:32 PM GMT

Answer your damn mail panda boy! Its not as if I even think your busy!

Posted by Keith @ 09/10/2004 09:58 PM GMT

Hahahahah, my shhfather ish peelingsh.

Posted by Keith @ 09/09/2004 02:51 PM GMT

Ah it gets better, now comes the swollen peeling phase... I look like that freaky dude from gold member.

Posted by Wayne @ 09/09/2004 02:19 PM GMT

Sounds like you already have mate :)

Posted by Keith @ 09/09/2004 01:53 AM GMT

Burn in hell bitch!

Posted by Wayne @ 09/08/2004 11:08 PM GMT

*offers stick of bamboo*

Posted by Keith @ 09/08/2004 04:10 PM GMT

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