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10/01/2006 Entry: "A day in the life of Wayne"

Analysis of Wayne's day, Monday to Friday.

Sleep: 30%
Study: 10%
Entertainment: 17%
Work: 33%
Other: 10%

6:00am alarm 1, promptly killed
6:30 alarm 2, drag ass out of bed to walk dog
6:50 eat breakfast
7:00 shower
7:15 nap (Wayne doesn't wake up very easily)
8:00 get ready for work
8:15 leave for work
8:30 arrive at work (timed to perfection)

Not fun

4:30pm leave work
4:50 get home/play with the dog
5:00 Eat dinner (microwaved)
5:30 Start studying
8:00 Stop the study, chill out television/internet/films
12:00am Sleep

And the weekend, is even more depressing man.