Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hello Honey,

been a while since I wrote here... What's five months in the scheme of things. I've accepted the pointlessness of existence and so in that knowledge have gained new strengths. So I no longer whine in the hope some may heed, but for the pure fact I can and I no longer give a damn if anyone's listening... it's here so that's good enough.

consume, work and sleep. Depressing isn't it but then again maybe I've just drunk too much while listening to my dying bride. Strange that I'm happy when confronted with those truths, it defies all reason... I'm living with my parents for gods sake... yet I'm still laughing?

Well The popes dead, oh woe is us and all that, people die. So I'm feeling a little confused when I read the tabloids states how great he was. I'm not overly keen on speaking bad of the dead (it's kind of pointless). But are we speaking of the same homo phobic man whose anti-contraception stance added heavily to the HIV crisis?

Sweet Dreams,


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