Thursday, July 21, 2005

Good news seem's elysium flower lives (my buddies band). So please head over to Terrorizer and vote for their track. Or even better get your ass to the news agents and buy this issue of terrorizer (21st July).

Plus looks like I'll be starting on the Elysium Flower web site again soon, bah wonder how much I should charge muhahaha

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

*edit for the dumb*
Below I speak of a nipple piercing and nothing worse, as some have concluded from my cryptic message below and yes, I do mainly post these entry's while very drunk... Which explains the spelling.

Ah hello once more,

Seems I'm only writing stories of Wayne's pain here lately, so why break tradition. Industrial accidents are not normally good, hurt like hell and in this case rather bloody. But on the bright side I got a few nights off work... Almost worth nearly scalping ones self. Long story short I did a running jump into a van... the van being about two feet shorter than the usual kind, I'll tell you more once I regain full memory.

The second story of pain and woe is rather self inflicted so there's no sympathy for the dumb. Who would have thought cold needle through tender flesh could hurt so much. Yes ladies and gents yours truly has a new piercing, just say I look like I've been nursing a wolverine and you know where.

I'll bitch about live8 tomorrow.


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