Saturday, August 21, 2004

Hello ladies and gents,

Ok I've been know to get a little obsessed, I spent most of the day yesterday trying to get past the copy protection on a CD... As morning turned to darkness I realised it was my shitty cd-rom and before the brain could take over I ordered a new one.... me bad.

So here's the last night of my holiday, the impending doom of employment grows. To celebrate I shall be consuming copious amounts of alcohol in the ancient customs of the hermit and watching Shogun Assassin. Then once things become blurred, I'll resume work on the elysium flower site, I'm having issues with the auto mailer thingy and I'm not going near it sober.

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hello again,

I've managed to get some quality hermiting in this weeks holiday, spent my time between doom 3 and designing the elysium flower site... Been a while since I did any design stuff but so far so good just waiting for some more content, then again the freaking buttons are stressing me out (which reminds me to get some booze tomorrow).

Ah a small vent, what a steaming load of camel shite Kill Bill 2 was. One was enjoyable but I wanted to pull teeth after the final episode.


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Friday, August 13, 2004

Well been too long since I wrote here last, such is the empty void of my existence (yeah Iíll resist the urge to cry a river).

So other than a rather unusual trip up north and the realisation that northerners are what I affectionately call POND LIFE, freaking scum of the earthÖ. I swear there the equivalent of the American red neck.

You can tell Iím in somewhat of a bitter mood, seeing as I was looking forward to heading out to a rather fine club in Camden. So here I am, money withdrawn from the bank, work cancelled for the night (and I canít really be affording to take time off) and Iím there sitting ready to goÖ Seems fuck wit features didnít deem it necessary to inform me it was cancelled and is enjoying a night out somewhere, what are buddies for heyÖ. I freaking hate disappointment.

Well Lets see whatís on the T.V,


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