Wednesday, August 2, 2006

What I found 7 years ago is still true today, full time employment sucks in many a way. I tried giving myself a month to get with the nine to five mentality but alas Wayne is not a happy chappy.

Serves me right I guess, lack of focus in younger years has left me few options, not failure as in homeless or on the poverty line but not where I'd like to be, too much manual labour for my liking.

I guess some lesson's need to be experienced... so here's a list of mistakes
1.Not Going to college until I was 19.
2.Should have gone to university.
3.Not focusing on strengths and taking the easy jobs and staying there for too long.

So here's the lesson ladies and gents, Go to college, go to university so you can do something that you enjoy... It can be a real long depressing life and no one wants to be carrying stuff around at 50 for a living.

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