Sunday, September 24, 2006

This lack of free time isn't as horrid as first expected, I'm not missing out on anything important... Other than a social life (greatly over-rated).

Only thing I'm missing out on, is a few extra hours of television, I'm trying to gain I.Q points, not lose them.

Although I have re-discovered my dislike of maths, and the inevitable headache it brings.

Just shame a open-university science degree can't match the traditional version... Just not enough lab time.


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Friday, September 1, 2006

Hello one and all, probably one.

So I've been accepted for the science degree (BSc molecular science)... Better still I'm getting 750 a year paid off the course and even lovelier than that will be the 250 paid into by bank account for expenses (online course expenses?).

30th September is the start, good bye to any free time... No big loss as I've had close to 26 years of free time and the whole concept it getting a little trying.

Ever have a moment of clarity? A vision of the future that almost knocks you over... Considering I was drunk at the time not the hardest feat.

I think some people accept intellectual bankruptcy and so no longer climb that ladder of self improvement, content to slowly fade away into a mental stupor. So ends the pain of trying.

I look forward to the challenge, scared shitless but looking forward to it.


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