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06/28/2006 Entry: "Employment, spending spree's and the net under attack"

Good morning,

The sad hour is approaching my friends, just a few short day's until full time, DAY TIME employment. I'll spare the woe is me crap... It's going to be a shock (possible tears). But at least I get to enjoy a weeks holiday before the day of dread.

Which of course justified a little spending spree, makes the pill just that much easier to swallow (new external hard drive and the near complete works of Byron, Keats, Shelly and drake).

I've always been in awe of the internet and what it brings to the modern age, it is a global community that goes beyond any country or state. Sadly, it's neutrality is under attack. Look here for more information Savetheinternet.com . Mainly an American movement but the effects will be felt world wide.