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07/08/2006 Entry: "Molecular science and me. Travelling the road."


It was a long time coming but I finally found enough self motivation to enrol upon a degree level course... Molecular science (chemistry).

This has the potential to back fire spectacularly leaving me not only dumb but also broke. I'll try to spread the work over the whole six years, well just hope I can avoid a mental break down.

So with luck this will stop the mental decay I'm starting to feel lately, open up a few options later down the road and be fun fun fun (yeah I'm that much of a nerd).

I was close to giving up and just accepting my current state of being, as final. No so much giving up as just existing as I am now, until I am no more.

There's that old saying, life's a road with many turns. I guess you can travel it or just pull over and park until your final days.